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Create a Screen Shot

You can take a screen shot of what you see on your computer screen by using the Print Screen (PRT SCR) key on your keyboard and a program such as MS Paint or MS Word. There are two steps to creating and saving a screen shot: copying the image and saving the image.

Copy the Image

  1. Go to the screen you wish to take a picture of (print screen).
  2. Press PRT SCR (or similar) key on your keyboard.

Paste and Save the Image

For this example, MS Paint is used; however, you can use many programs such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or MS Publisher to paste the screen shot.

  1. Open MS Paint (START > All Programs > Accessories > Paint).
  2. Once MS Paint has opened, go to Edit > Paste.
  3. Work with the image. Make it the way you want by cropping and other adjustments.
  4. OPTIONAL: Save the file (File > Save As…) to somewhere you will be able to find it such as your Desktop or T: drive.

NOTE: See the article entitled Attach a File to a HelpDesk Ticket for steps regarding attaching a screen shot to a HelpDesk ticket.

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