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Secure (Locked) Print to a Campus Copier

If you have a confidential print job and you are unable to be present at a campus copier, you can have the copier “save” a print job until you actually go to the copier and print it using a password.

At your Computer

  1. Access the Print menu as usual (this depends on the application you are currently using. Typically, it is File > Print or CTRL+P).
  2. Choose the a campus copier from the Printer drop-down menu.
  3. Click Printer Properties.
  4. Change the Print Job to Private Print.
  5. Click the button with three dots next to the Print Job menu.
  6. Enter a Password (cannot be your SJY IT network password. It can be any 4-8 digits you choose).
  7. Click OK to set the password.
  8. Click OK to the printer properties.
  9. Click OK to being the print job. The job will be “sent” to the copier but it will not print yet.

At the copier

  1. Enter the Printer mode by tapping the Printer option.
    home screen
  2. On the Print screen, tap your username.
    print screen
  3. Use the keypad to enter your numeric password that you assigned earlier at your computer workstation.
  4. Tap OK.
  5. Select your locked printer job.
  6. Press Print.


NOTE: Internet Explorer will sometimes not honor the Locked Print feature. Try using Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome.

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