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Assigning Standards to your Gradebook for the First Time

Published on March 2, 2012 in Classroll
  1. Create an assignment by clicking on New under Lesson Plan / Assignment
  2. In the Add Assignment window, click on Select Standards.
  3. In the new window, click Add Standards.
  4. In the new window, click Assign from Another Source.
  5. Click View Grade Level for the Catholic School Standards.
  6. Choose which grade level this coincides with and click Objective.
  7. Choose your objective by clicking Standards next to the subject this class works with.
  8. Click Select All and then Assign Selected. After you click this button, the window will close after 5 seconds so that you are now back to the Standards View/Change window.
  9. Close all open windows except Teacher Main.
    • When viewing the first Standards View/Change, click Close Window.
    • You may click the red X in the window entitled Standards View/Change that has a subheading that says “You will need to refresh Teacher Main before any changes will be available!”.
    • Click Close Window in the Add Standards window.
    • Close the Add Assignment window.
  1. You now must save and rebuild your Teacher Main. Read the article Save and Rebuild Teacher Main to rebuild Teacher Main.

NOTE: You only need to do this once a year; however, you must do it for every class you teach. Therefore, if a teacher teachers five classes that have standards attached to them, that teacher must repeat this five times.***

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