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Burning a Data CD using Windows XP

Burning a CD means putting or entering data (or recording digital information) on a blank CD. That data could be music, photos, text, or computer files. The only requirement is to have a CD-ROM drive in your computer that is capable of burning CD’s.

  1. Insert a blank CD in your computer’s CD-ROM drive. In a few moments you will see a dialog box pop up.
  2. Select Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer, then click OK. A temporary folder will appear where you can drag and drop the files you want copied on the CD. You can bring here as many files from your computer as you want so long the total file sizes do not exceed the CD’s capacity. An average CD can hold upto about 700 MB. If you exceed this limit, Windows will notify you. In that case, delete some files from this folder to stay within the limit.
  3. Click on Write these files to CD the left panel of the folder. That will bring out the CD Writing Wizard.
  4. In the dialog box, type a name for your CD. By default, Windows inserts the date on the CD name box. You can put anything you want. If you want, put a checkmark in front of Close the wizard after the files have been written option. If you don’t put a checkmark there as shown, after your files have been written on the CD, the wizard will ask you if you want the files to be copied to another CD. This is a great convenience when you want to create multiple copies of your CD. You don’t have to start from scratch again. So do whatever suits you better, and then click on Next.
  5. The CD Writing Wizard starts writing the files on your blank CD and displays a progress bar. Please note how fast the files can be copied to the CD depends on the speed of the blank CD.

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