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Configuring Outbound Transfer

Published on February 16, 2012 in Phones
You can set up Outbound Transfer to transfer a caller who reaches your mailbox to a number that you assign.  A caller can use Outbound Transfer from any tone dial telephone, and you can direct your Outbound Transfer calls to any telephone.
You can tell callers about this feature in your personal greeting.  If you inform callers of this feature in your mailbox greeting, you must tell them to press 7 to transfer.
To set up Outbound Transfer, you must first open your mailbox by pressing the VM Open button or dialing FEATURE 981.  After you have opened your mailbox:
  1. Press ADMIN or 8
  2. Press 8 to open the Outbound Transfer menu
  3. Press ADMIN or 1 to set up Outbound Transfer or if you have previously set up Outbound Transfer press CHNG
  4. Press PHONE to select an external phone as the destination
  5. Enter the destination phone number and press OK or #.
  6. Press OK or # to accept the destination number or press ADD or 2 to add special characters.
  7. Press CHNG or 1 to turn Outbound Transfer on
  8. Press QUIT or *
  9. Press RLS to end the session

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