Linking to Photostory Projects

In Photostory

  1. Open your Photostory Project and click Next until you come to the screen where you are asked how you want to save your Photostory.
  2. Choose Save your Photostory for playback on your computer.
  3. Then look for Specify the location and file name of your story with a box below it.
  4. In the box, type T:\website\[name of the page where you want the Photostory to appear]
  5. You will see a status bar as Photostory “builds”/saves your file.
  6. Click View Your Story.
  7. Your Photostory should open in Windows Media Player.

On your Web Site

  1. Open your web site in SharePoint Designer.
  2. Navigate to the page where you want to link to your Photostory Project.
  3. Type the text that will become the link for your Photostory Project.
  4. Highlight the text.
  5. Click on Insert > Hyperlink
  6. A small window will open.
  7. Scroll through the list that is displayed to find your Photostory Project.
  8. Click on your Photostory Project.
  9. Click on OK.
  10. Save your page.

HINT: If you want to link to more than one Photostory Project, it is always a good idea to use a table. For example, if several groups in your class created Photostory Projects, you could create a table with the groups listed. Then link each group’s name to their Photostory Project.


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