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Assigning Courses to Students

In order for students to appear in the correct Teacher’s Portal, the courses need to be assigned to the students.

To assign a course in MMS Generations:

  1. Click Schedules > Operations > Mass Edit Student Course Records.
  2. Under Course/Section assign the course per the following report cards:
    1. Kindergarten: Christian Values, ILA, Math, Notes, Phys. Ed, Religion, Support and Work Habits
    2. Primary: Christian Values, ILA, Math, Notes, Religion, Support, Work Habits
    3. Intermediate: Art, Christian Values, ILA, Math, Music, Notes, Phys. Ed, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Support, Technology and Work habits
  3. After you enter the Course/Section for as many fields as there available, click on Student Range.
  4. Click on Deselect All
  5. Click on HR to arrange the students by Homeroom.  Select the students that are in that particular teacher’s homeroom.
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Process Edits
  8. Click Yes to: Do you want to proceed?
  9. Click OK
  10. Click Yes to: Would you like to update class enrollments in the course section table now?
  11. Not all of the Course/Sections will fit in one screen.  You can then go and change the Course/Section to the next set of courses needed for that particular report card.
  12. After all Course/Sections have been added for a particular Teacher, click on Reset Selections to start with a new teacher.

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