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Copying an Image from a PDF

Published on February 27, 2012 in PDF

You can copy images within a PDF document and paste them into an application such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Publisher.

To copy an image using Adobe Reader,

  1. open the PDF document in Adobe Reader.
  2. Zoom in or out in order to view the entire image you wish to copy. (If you wish to copy the entire page, you need to zoom out enough to see the entire page.)
  3. Go to Tools > Select & Zoom.
  4. Choose the Snapshot tool.
  5. Draw a box around the image you wish to copy by holding down the left-mouse button and drag until the image is selected.
  6. When your image is surrounded, release the mouse button. A message will appear that says The selected area has been copied.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Go to the application you wish to have the image pasted into.
  9. Paste the image as you would paste other items on the copy clipboard.

NOTE: If the PDF is an email attachment, save the attachment to a local location such as a network drive (T:).

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