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Requesting a Moodle Course

Published on July 6, 2015 in Moodle LMS

Requesting a course in Moodle is how you add a new class.

For Teachers

  1. Log in to Moodle.
  2. In the Navigation pane, click Courses.

    Requesting a Moodle Course 1
  3. Click the Request a course button.

    Requesting a Moodle Course 2
  4. In the Course full name field, enter the name of your class.
    • If the class is for just one homeroom, the name will be the homeroom number followed by the subject (math for the 5A homeroom would be 5A Math).
    • If the class is for two homerooms, the name will be the subject followed by the homeroom numbers (math for 5A and 5B would be Math 5AB).
  5. In the Course short name field, enter the abbreviation for your class. This is usually the first letter of the subject name followed by the homeroom number (math for the 5A homeroom would be M5A). A subject with multiple words in the name uses the first letter of each (integrated learning arts for the 5A homeroom would be ILA5A).
  6. In the Course category field, choose the appropriate category for your class.
    Requesting a Moodle Course 3
  7. Type a description for your class in the Summary field.
  8. In the Reasons for wanting this course field, give a brief explanation of why you want to add this course to Moodle. Be sure to include important information such as the day the class will be starting and if there is a file that needs to be uploaded with the course description.
  9. Click Request a course. You will receive an email after an administrator approves your request.

For Administrators

  1. Log into Moodle as the local administrator.
  2. Under the Administration pane, go to Site administration > Courses > Pending requests.
    Requesting a Moodle Course 7
  3. In the Courses pending approval window, click Approve. The Edit course settings window will open.
    Requesting a Moodle Course 8
  4. In the Course start date field, use the drop-down lists to enter the day, month, and year the class is supposed to start. You can also use the Calendar button to open a miniature calendar that will allow you to pick the date.
    Requesting a Moodle Course 4
  5. If the teacher has a file to be uploaded, you may do so in the Course summary files field. Please note that the maximum file upload size is 8 megabytes, and you are limited to one file upload.
    Requesting a Moodle Course 5
  6. Click Save changes.

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