Setting up the Projector in the School Gym

by Denise Nichols | November 21, 2014 11:05am


  1. Plug power cord into the power strip and turn on the power strip.
  2. Plug the power strip into the outlet on the wall near the box to raise and lower the projector.
  3. Turn on the projector.
  4. Lower the screen using the controls mounted on the wall.
    Projector Controls 1[1]

Device (laptop, computer, etc.)

  1. Take the monitor cable that is attached to the projector and plug it into the appropriate port on the device.
  2. In Windows, press Fn + F6 to share what is displayed on the monitor with the projector.


  1. Turn on the sound system (see the directions that are posted on the master controls).
  2. Choose a microphone to use and turn up the sound to a desired level.
  3. Get the AV Direct adapter from the drawer.
  4. Get a sound cable from the box next to the sound system.
  5. Plug in the appropriate end into the same microphone outlet that is turned on.
  6. Plug the other end of the sound cable into the AV Direct adapter.
    AV Direct Adaptor Sound Cable 1[2]
  7.  Next, plug the AV Direct adapter into the headphone jack of the device being used for the presentation.
    AV Direct Adaptor headphone jack 1[3]
  8. The sound can be adjusted from the device, the AV Direct adapter or the sound system.


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