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Sending a Message via the Web Interface

Through the web interface, One Call Now allows group leaders to send text messages, emails, and phone calls. This article will talk you through how to send one message using all three methods. You can choose which method you wish to use or you can use all three.


To send a message,

  1. click Messaging on the Messenger Menu. Then click Send a Message.
    Sending a Message 1
  2. Select your type of message.
    • An Informational message is used for school delays (such as weather) or reminders about events.
    • A Priority message is used to reach all members. The messages are sent immediately using a two-hour window and is sent to all recorded phone numbers. This should be used for equipment failures or a school lockdown.
  3. Select whether to do an information message
  4. Set up your message information.
    1. Message Name – this is not seen by anyone except group leaders as a means to keep track of messages. Try to be specific when naming your message.
    2. Message Selection – allows you to choose when message method(s) you wish to use. As you check each message method, more details will appear below.
      • Phone Method
        • Choose your phone message. Text-to-Speech will turn any text you enter in the textbox below into a voice message. Audio Library Message will allow you to choose from a pre-recorded message made by your organization. Stock Library Message is a pre-recorded message made by One Call Now.
      • Email Message
        • Enter your email Subject.
        • Enter your email message. Please note that as you see it is how it will appear in a user’s inbox.
        • If there is an event mentioned in the email, you can check the Create a Calendar Event box that converts the email to a calendar invite similar to programs such as Microsoft Outlook.
      • SMS Text Message
        • Enter the text for your text message. Please note that your text message can be a maximum of 160 characters.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the recipients of your message.
    Sending a Message 2

    • To select specific groups (such as grade, demographics, etc.), click Select Subgroup(s) and then check the box next to the desired subgroups.
    • To send to a specific group of contacts, click Select Subgroup(s) and then click Select Individual Members. Check the box in the Included column to select the desired contacts.
    • To send to all contacts, select Send to All Members.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Set your Delivery Date and Time.
    Sending a Message 3

    1. The Start Date is the date in which the messages will begin being sent out. Messages can only be scheduled for 6 months in advance.
    2. The Start Hour is the hour when messages begin to be sent out.
    3. The End Hour is when One Call Now will stop sending messages.
    4. If you want the message to be sent immediately, regardless of the time, check Enable 24 Hour Call Initiation. This is helpful for emergency situations.
    5. If the End Hour is reached or the maximum retry limit has been reached, One Call Now will continue trying to send the message the next day if Continue next day is checked. Note that when Enable 24 Hour call Initiation is checked, the Continue next day box is also checked.
  9. Click Send. You will then be taken to the Message Reports page where you can view the results of your message.


NOTE: You don’t have to use the Web Interface. You can call into One Call Now via a telephone. If you have a smartphone, you can download the free mobile app designed to help organize messages from ALL of your One Call Now groups, update your current contact information, add additional contact information, share messages, and more by downloading the My Call Now app.

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