Entering Homeroom Teacher Comments

by Thomas Steele | September 30, 2014 1:37pm

These Homeroom Teacher comments are written by the Homeroom Teacher under the Notes grade. This is done by Kindergarten, Primary, and Intermediate grades. There is no limit to how long comments can be.

To enter comments,

  1. select the Notes class.
    Entering Homeroom Teacher Comments 1[1]
  2. Click Skills Grades > View/Enter Skills Grades > by Skill – Grid. (You can choose one of the other options according to your preference of how you would like grades to be entered. This article will follow the by Skill – Grid process.)
  3. Check the box next to the Teacher Note skill (NOT the Conference Requested, enter the date of the conference in the note one).
    Entering Homeroom Teacher Comments 2[2]
  4. Click View/Enter Skills Grades.
  5. Click the box under the trimester for which you desire to enter comments. The Edit Note window will appear.
    Entering Homeroom Teacher Comments 3[3]
  6. Enter your comments in the Edit Note window. When finished, click Save.
    Entering Homeroom Teacher Comments 4[4]
  7. Repeat for all students.

NOTE: It is important to know that the same field that the Progress Reports use to print comments is used by the Grade Reports. In other words, your Progress Report grades also appear on the Grade Report. It is suggested that teachers begin their Progress Report comments by first saying something like PROGRESS REPORT COMMENTS: and then begin their Grade Report comments by first saying something like GRADE REPORT COMMENTS:. Please see the School Principal for questions.

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