Creating Student Reports

by Thomas Steele | July 9, 2014 10:23am

You can create student reports of biographical information that can be printed or exported for other uses.


In the Staff Portal

Creating Student Biographical Information Reports

  1. Click Students and click List by Field Report.
  2. Set the desired parameters.
    Creating Student Reports 1[1]

    • Use the Limit by biographical field values (optional) to limit the number of students in the report to a certain criteria.
    • Use the Optional additional fields to print to determine other fields for each student to be included in the report.
    • Create a title for your report by adding one in the Enter user defined report title field.
  3. Click Print. The report will be generated.
    • To send the report to a printer, click the Print button.
    • To export the file to a PDF[2], Comma Separated Value (CSV), Microsoft Excel file, or a XPS file, choose the desired format and click Export.

NOTE: Once you’ve created a report, you can click Save Settings to save the report for future use. Click Recall Settings to recall the report. View how to save and recall settings here.

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