Taking Daily Attendance for Office Staff

by Thomas Steele | July 9, 2014 9:51am

In the Staff Portal

Individual Code Marking

To mark an individual student’s attendance,

  1. click Attendance and Daily Attendance Entry.
  2. Under Code #1, choose the correct attendance code.

Mass Attendance with Same Code

To mark students’ attendance with the same code,

  1. click Attendance and Daily Attendance Entry.
  2. Choose the attendance code from the drop-down.
    Taking Daily Attendance for Office Staff 1[1]
  3. Click the Add button (Taking Daily Attendance for Office Staff 2) next to the desired students.


NOTE: You can add Time InTime Out, and a Note for each attendance entry.

NOTE: By left-click-and-holding a student, you can view contact information and attendance history.

NOTE: You can run reports for attendance. View this article for a variety of Attendance Reports.

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Source URL: http://itkb.sjy.org/?p=2256