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Copying and Restoring Outlook Items to a Windows Folder

Published on May 2, 2013 in Microsoft Outlook

Due to mailbox quotas, it may become necessary to archive Outlook items (such as messages, tasks, and appointments) to a location other than your Exchange mailbox.


Copying the Items to a New Location

To do this,

  1. left-click and hold a message(s) you want to archive.
  2. While holding the left-mouse button, drag the message(s) to the desired folder location.
  3. Release the left-mouse button.



To archive a message to a folder on your Desktop called Archived Messages, left-click on the message and drag that message to the folder called Archived Messages that is located on the Desktop.


NOTE: Once you’ve copied the item to its new location, you can then delete the file out of your mailbox. Dragging items copies them.

NOTE: This can only be done using Microsoft Outlook 2007 or higher.

NOTE: You can use the SHIFT and CTRL keys to select multiple items at once.

NOTE: You cannot move Outlook folders. You would need to create the folder in the new desired location and the drag the Outlook items to that created folder.


Retrieving Items

You can open Outlook items after they have been copied out of your mailbox..


To open a copied Outlook item in its current location, simply double-click on the file. Microsoft Outlook will open and then the file will open.


NOTE: You cannot copy an item back into your mailbox. However, if you open a message, you can still reply or forward the message.

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