Creating a Class

  1. Log into your McGraw-Hill ConnectED account.
  2. Click on the teacher edition title.
  3. Click Manage and Assign at the top.
    Creating a Class 1
  4. Click the Class Details tab.
  5. Click Create Class.
  6. Complete the class information.
    1. Create a class name (following the naming convention [Homeroom Class], for example, 7A Class).
    2. Select the grade level.
    3. For grades K through 3, check Use Simplified Login for this class and choose a Simplified Class Icon.
      Creating a Class 2
  7. Click Next.
  8. Set your first day of school and which planner you would like to use. Click Next.
  9. Click the days that are your “non-teaching” days. Click Save.
  10. Wait until the Loading Content: Please be patient as Reading Wonders loads your content for the first time. message disappears.

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