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How to check and manage bounce-backs (“bad addresses”)

A “bounce” email is an email message that was not delivered to its recipient properly, and was then returned to the original sender. This typically happens when an email address or domain name doesn’t exist, or the email inbox of the recipient was full or offline.

  1. If a subscriber on your list bounces you should receive an email similar to this:
    Bounce rate in list [LIST NAME] is 50.You should delete bouncing subscribers:/reviewbouncing/[LIST_NAME]
  2. If you follow the link it will take you to the Sympa web interface.
  3. From this window there are two options.

Bounce 1

    • Reset the error rate and try resending the message again.
      • The subscriber’s inbox could have been full at the time or maybe their address was temporarily unavailable. If the error remains, the addresses will be reported as bouncing again as soon as a message is posted on the list


    • Remove the email address from the list and enter the correct or new email address in the Manage Subscribers tab. See for assistance.

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