Uploading to Myfiles

To upload files to the T:O:, or Multimedia folders using MyFiles,

  1. Log into the MySJY Portal and click MyFiles. Sign in using your SJY credentials and scroll toward the bottom of the MyFiles page.
  2. Navigate to the location you would like to upload your file (somewhere on the T:O:, or Multimedia folders).
    uploadingto myfiles 1
  3. Click Upload.
    uploadingto myfiles 2
  4. A window will appear and you will need to navigate to the file you wish to upload. These directions are written using the Simple method. Click Browse and a window will appear.uploadingto myfiles 3
  5. When the window appears, navigate to your file.  When you have selected your desired file, click Open.
    uploadingto myfiles 4
  6. Click Upload and wait while your file(s) are being uploaded.uploadingto myfiles 5

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