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Reserving a Computer On Wheels (COW)

To reserve the use of a Computer On Wheels (COW), you simply need to create an appointment in the MySJY portal.

To do this:

  1. Log into the MySJY portal.
  2. Click on IT Links and Resources.
  3. Click on the COW you wish to reserve.
    • Elijah is the Church COW.
    • Malaki is the School COW.
  4. Enter your SJY username and password.
  5. Click Add on the day you’d like to reserve the COW to create a new appointment.
  6. Add a subject, location, date, and time to the appointment and click OK. In the subject line, please put your name and the ministry you are planning to use the COW.
  7. On the day you have reserved the COW, come to the IT Computer Lab (school) or the copy room (church) to get it. If you need help, someone from IT can assist you.

NOTE: The person reserving the COW is responsible for getting a projection screen. At this point, Information Technology does not supply the screen.

NOTE: Information Technology does not monitor this schedule. This is purely a way to ensure the COW is not double-booked.


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