Netbook Usage Instructions

by Thomas Steele | December 7, 2012 1:45pm


  1. Once the netbook cart is in the desired room, plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. Check the red power switch on the side of the cart to make sure it is set to the ON position.
    Netbook Usage Instructions 1[1]

    • While this is occurring adults should remind students of the Netbook Usage Policy.
  2. Remove the netbooks from the cart, minding the power connections.
  3. Once returning to their working location, students should power on the netbooks.
    • It is suggested that a spare netbook also be powered on in case a student has a problem with his or her netbook.
  4. Once at the Sign In screen, students may sign in using their SJY Account Credentials.
    • It is suggested, once all netbooks are distributed, that teachers use this time to give instructions on the activity. As the Sign In screens appear, students should sign in while instructions are given.



  1. About 5 minutes before ending netbook usage, teachers should remind students to save their work and end their current session.
    • If a new set of students will be using the netbooks immediately following the current class, students may sign out of their netbooks and leave them at their station.
    • If netbook usage is complete or the netbooks need to be put back in the cart, shut down the netbooks. (START > Power ButtonShutdown)
  2. Return the netbooks to the cart, placing them in their proper storage bay and connecting the power connections.
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