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Student formally with marks now have NA

Published on November 9, 2012 in Classroll

The issue stems from a clerical error occuring in the School Office in which the Student ID numbers were changed in PDS. Then, when PDS syncs with Classroll, Classroll creates an entirely new student (in most Student Info programs, the Student ID number is the identifier for a student because anything else about the student like their name, age, address, or phone number can change). This new student is then enrolled in your classes and the old student (with the old PDS Student ID number) is unenrolled from your classes.

The good news is that, in most cases, grades are not lost…just hidden because they are stored with the student with the old ID number. The objective is to transfer the grades from the old student ID to the new one.


Transfer Grade Marks

  1. At Teacher Main, click Options.
  2. Under the Show Students option, choose All instead of OnRoll.
  3. Click Class List. Do NOT click Save and Rebuild.
  4. Click the gradebook with the mark irregularities. You should see duplicated students, one with marks (or are blank if you did not enter grades to begin with) and one with NA for your marks like the one below:
  5. Transpose, or move, the marks from the student who currently has the marks to the student with NA marks.
  6. Click Apply Changes.
  7. Close this gradebook and repeat Step #4 through Step #6.
  8. Once all gradebooks are corrected, click Options at Teacher Main.
  9. Under the Show Students option, change back the option to OnRoll instead of All.
  10. Click back to Class List.

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