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Access Denied when surfing the internet

Published on November 6, 2012 in LightSpeed

There are typically two reasons why you would receive an Access Denied message from the LightSpeed web filter. Below are the two typical reasons and how to address them.
Access Denied When Surfing the Internet 1


Website Content

Different users have different levels of internet access based on the Acceptable Use Policy and departmental policies. If you navigate to a website that is against the Parish internet web filter, LightSpeed, you may receive a page that says, Access Denied.

Unlike the example, if you see a link that says, override the content filter, click the link, enter your username and password, and click Override Filter. This is simply a warning that there could be some material that is contrary to the IT AUP on the following site.

If you do not see a link to override the filter (similar to the example), then the policy does not allow you to access this site. You will need to submit a HelpDesk ticket specifying the web address as well as the reason for accessing the site. Make sure you include the web address and the category of the site (in the example, the category would be forums.mail).


The User is Unauthenticated.

There is a small, behind-the-scenes program that automatically registers the logged-on user with the web filter. If the web filter is rebooted or if for some reason the program does not register the user, the message may appear.

To rectify the problem, restart your computer.

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