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Accessing Moodle Courses

Published on October 29, 2012 in Moodle LMS

Depending on your role determines the method in which you access a Parish Moodle course.

Accessing Moodle as a Parish Employee, Student, or Volunteer with a Parish Network Account.

If you were provided a Parish Network Account, you are able to log into Moodle via the MySJY Portal. Your user is capable of creating and/or enrolling in a course. To access Moodle,

  1. log into the MySJY Portal by navigating to
  2. On the upper-right corner, click Moodle.
  3. On the right-hand side, enter your Parish Network Account username and your password. This would be the same username and password used to log onto Parish computers.
  4. Click Login.


Accessing Moodle as a Guest

Some Moodle courses are configured to allow Guest Access. Guest Access is a “read-only” account for parents and other non-participatory users to view certain course content. To access Moodle as a guest,

  1. access the Moodle course link.
  2. Click Login as a guest.
  3. Enter the password provided by the course teacher.
  4. Click submit.

NOTE: The Moodle course link is typically provided by the course teacher and may be provided via email or another presence such as the ministry/classroom website.

NOTE: If you are a course teacher and would like directions on how to set up Guest Access, please see this Knowledge Base article:

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