Adding a New Page

To create a new web page in DNN,

  1. Click Add under the Page Functions on the upper-left of the administration pane. A page similar to the one on the right will appear.
  2. Under the Page Details tab, enter a Page Name, which will show up in the page URL as well as any navigation menu.
  3. Enter a Page Title, which will appear at the top of
  4. web browser title bars.
    • The Page Description is used in search results and other pages that describe the page.
    • Keywords are used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When a keyword is searched in a Search Engine, the page will appear in the search results.
  5. Choose the Parent Page the page you are adding will fall under. Parent Pages are pages higher in the site hierarchy that usually denote different site sections. For example, a page discussing Religious Education volunteers may fall under the parent page of Religious Education.
  6. The Insert Page will have the page be inserted before or after a particular page or at the end of a section. Choose Before, After, or Add to End. If you chose Before or After, then choose the page that the page your are adding will come before or after.
  7. Choose the Template Folder Root in the dropdown menu.
  8. If this page belongs to the Parish website, choose the Parish Template. If this page belongs to the School website, choose the SchoolTemplate.
  9. If you want this page to appear in navigation menus (top navigation, bread crumb, or submenu), check the box Include In Menu?. If you do not want it to appear, uncheck the box.
    Adding a New Page 1
  10. To adjust page permissions, click the Permissions tab and adjust the permissions as needed. Typically, Administrators can both View Page and Edit Page. All Users can View Page.
    Adding a New Page 2
  11. Under the Advanced Settings tab, scroll down to the Other Settings category.
  12. Under the Link Type box, select the Page option.
    Adding a New Page 3
  13. Click Add Page.

You can also copy the layout of an existing page and use it to create a new page. To do this,

  1. Click on the Copy Page tab.
  2. In the Copy From Page field, choose the page layout you want to copy.
  3. Click Add Page.
    Adding a New Page 4



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