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Adding, Removing, or Changing individual ministers

Click Schedules. Double-click on the Schedule Name you wish to edit the individual minister(s). If you wish to change the original minister with a different minister, right-click on the original minister and click Replace Minister. Click the minister you with whom you wish to replace the original minister. Click Select This Minister. If you wish to add a


Setting Mass Preferences

The following are settings that should be set for each minister.   Under Assignment Options Do Not Schedule will not place the minister in the schedule until it is unchecked. This is useful for when a minister is temporarily unable to serve but is remaining within the ministry. Only Schedule Direct Assignments will not put the


Printing a Ministry Schedule

To run a Ministry schedule (in print), Click Schedules. Click Reports. Expand the Schedule Easy Reports and select the ministry schedule you would like to run. Click Next. Click Next on the Overview page. Select your printer. (Preferably CutePDF Writer so that it can be uploaded to the website.) Click Next. Click Next on the Listing Layout page. Select the masses you


Running a Schedule

To run a schedule, click Schedules. Click Add Schedule. Set the weeks in which the schedule will run. Click Next. Confirm the schedule range. If desired, check Automatic Schedule of selected weeks. Click Next. Review the results. Click Save Schedule to save the official schedule. Print this entry


Adding and Removing Ministers to the Database

Adding and removing ministers is done in both PDS Church Office and PDS Ministry Scheduler.   Make Changes to Church Office Adding a Minister In PDS Church Office, access the minister you want to add. Click Ministries/Talents. In the Ministries table, click Insert to add a new line. Choose the ministry this person is joining (Extraordinary Minister, EM