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Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance is sparingly used for IT support analysts to view and, if necessary, remote control an end-user’s computer.   Windows At the request of your IT HelpDesk support analyst, download the TeamViewer for PC. Click Run. If you receive a Security Warning, click Run. The TeamViewer QuickSupport application will run and appear on your


Attach a File to a HelpDesk Ticket

Published on March 7, 2012 in HelpDesk

You can attach files to HelpDesk tickets to assist analysts in diagnosing and fixing a problem. Attachments can be practically anything you can attach to an email or upload via a web page such as a JPEG image or MS Word document. There are two ways in which you can attach a file to a


Using the IT HelpDesk

Published on February 22, 2012 in HelpDesk

Use of the IT HelpDesk allows the Information Technology Department to manage help requests easier and allow your requests to be better addressed. You should use the HelpDesk for all requests regarding problems, malfunctions, and equipment needs. According to the IT Acceptable Use Policy, all needs of Information Technology MUST be filed through the HelpDesk.