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Scan to PDF

By default, the campus copiers scan files in the .tif format. You can change this in the settings. To scan files in the .pdf format, Click the Scanner button on the left-hand side. Click Send File Type / Name on the left-hand side of the touch screen. Under the File Type, click PDF. Click OK. Proceed to scan as usual. Print this


Scan to Email

Place your needed document either the paper feeder or the patten. Tap the Simple Scan option on the home screen. Tap the Address Book button. Tap the To button to enter the email address of the recipient (the person you are emailing). Click OK. Press the Start button on the copier. Print this entry


How to Scan

To scan an image using a typical flatbed scanner, go to START > Control Panel. Double-click on Scanners and Cameras. The Scanner and Camera Wizard will appear. Click Next. Choose the picture type. Then, click Preview to preview your scan. Once the preview scan has completed, you can crop the part of the image you wish