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Updating the Website’s Front Page Image

To update the front page image of the Parish website, you make the image in PowerPoint and then upload to the website.   Creating and Saving the Image Use a PowerPoint slide that is 6.2″ wide and 2.8″ tall. Design the image as desired. Select all of the items on the slide. Right-click on one


Making Calendar Events Recurring

To make a recurring event in the calendar, check Is Recurring Event under the Event Date & Times tab. Set the Recurring Intervals and the Recur options. Click Save.   To exclude certain dates from the recurrence, return to the Event Date & Times tab. In the Exclude Date field, enter the date to exclude from the recurrence. Click Save Exclude Date.


Adding a new Calendar Event

To add a new calendar event, open the Event Planner Admin. Click the Event Admin Menu button. Under Events, click Add New Event. Enter the needed information. Below are items typically included in a new event: Event Name (Event Details tab) Event Description (Event Details tab) Event Category (Event Categories tab) Event Location (Event Locations tab) All Day


Adding a New Module to a Page

To add a new module such as an Events Calendar, Form, Banner, or Survey: Within the Administration Pane, choose Modules > Add New Module, which means you are creating an entirely new module with new information or function that is not on the current site. Choose the kind of module you wish to add. Click and


Adding Images to the HTML Module

Images included on the website need to be saved on the server in order to be inserted. These directions will include how to insert an image as well as uploading an image to the server to then be inserted. To insert an image: Edit the content of the HTML module. When the HTML editor appears,


Editing Text in an HTML Module

Editing a Default HTML Module By default, when using the page template (both Parish Template and SchoolTemplate) to create a new page, a HTML module is automatically added. This default HTML module is where the text of the page should go. To edit this default HTML module, you must first change the module title (from


Adding a New Page

To create a new web page in DNN, Click Add under the Page Functions on the upper-left of the administration pane. A page similar to the one on the right will appear. Under the Page Details tab, enter a Page Name, which will show up in the page URL as well as any navigation menu. Enter


Logging into DNN to edit the Parish Website

To log into DNN, Scroll down to the bottom of any page. Click Login. Enter your user credentials and click Login.   Print this entry


Parish Website editing tools, module, and containers

The Official Parish Website is built on a technology called DotNetNuke (DNN). It is a completely web-based platform that allows editing from practically any web browser. The article explains the layout of the editing tools available to web editors within DNN as well as the module layout with containers that provide the “look” of a


Creating Hyperlinks in a HTML Module

Hyperlinks allow visitors to click on an object (text or image) and it will take them to another page, website, or download a file. To add a hyperlink: Edit the content of the HTML module. Click the pencil icon on the module’s title bar. Click Edit Content. When the HTML editor appears, highlight the text