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Printing Sharepoint Calendars

In order to print a calendar from Sharepoint, you must first make sure that the calendar is connected to your Outlook account. If it is not already connected, you can follow these steps to connect the calendar to your Outlook account. In the O:\Program Shortcuts folder, scroll down until you find Print Sharepoint Calendar. Double-click that link.


Connecting a Sharepoint Calendar to Outlook

Some of the SJY calendars such as the Faculty Calendar and the Presider Schedule are able to be connected to a user’s personal Outlook account. This allows users to view the calendar from the Outlook program on their computers instead of signing in to the Office 365 Portal. On the SJY Portal Page, click the


Configuring Outlook 2013 to Office 365

When you open Microsoft Outlook 2013 for the first time, Outlook needs to create your profile and connect to Microsoft Office 365. Below are the steps needed to properly configure your Outlook profile. Open Microsoft Outlook 2013. The Welcome to Microsoft Outlook wizard will appear. Click Next at the wizard. Click Yes to let Outlook connect to an


Installing Software from the Office365 Portal

Published on June 1, 2015 in Office 365

As part of the Microsoft Office 365 subscription, all end-users may receive a free copies of Microsoft Office 2013 for as long as their user remains active. This means that users may download the following products on their personal devices: Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Outlook Microsoft OneNote Microsoft Access Microsoft InfoPath Microsoft