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Adding Contacts to Subgroups

One Call Now imports contact information from MMS. Most groups should be formed from within MMS fields and categories. A lot of the data in One Call Now is overwritten with MMS data on a nightly basis, so it is best to make all changes within MMS.   However, if it is necessary to add


Contact Opt-in for Text Messaging

Even if a contact has a cell phone number entered into MMS and One Call Now, contacts must “opt-in” to receive text messages.   Opt-In In order to opt-in, contacts should text Alert to 22300. They will then receive a message that says, “Thanks! Alerts will be send from One Call Now when available.”  


Sending a Message via Phone

By calling One Call Now, you can send a message over the phone. It will then be delivered as a phone message. To send a text message, phone message, and/or email in one message, access the web interface. To send a message, call 1-877-698-3261. Press # followed by your Group ID and PIN number to


Sending a Message via the Web Interface

Through the web interface, One Call Now allows group leaders to send text messages, emails, and phone calls. This article will talk you through how to send one message using all three methods. You can choose which method you wish to use or you can use all three.   To send a message, click Messaging


Logging into One Call Now

To log into the web interface of One Call Now, navigate to and click Log In at the top-right. You can also navigate directly to Enter your Group ID and your Password. Click Login. Print this entry