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Adding a New Title

To add a new title to the Catalog, click the Catalog tab and then choose Add Title on the left. Choose the type of title (such as Books) and choose how to find the title (such as ISBN). Enter the search criteria (such as ISBN number) and click Go! or, if searching by ISBN number, use


Printing Patron Barcodes

To print patron bar codes on either labels or on one or two pages, click the Reports tab and then click the Patron Reports section. Under the Labels/Cards header, click Barcode Labels. Set the following criteria (suggested): Select by: homeroom Sorted by: Patron Name Choose the homeroom(s) you wish to print. Limit to Patron Types


Check in a Title

When a title is returned, it can be checked in. To do this, click the Circulation Tab. Click Check In on the left-hand side. Scan the title(s) that is being checked in. Print this entry


Check out a Title

To check out a title and assign the check-out to a patron, click the Circulation Tab. Click Check Out on the left-hand side. Scan the patron who is checking out the title(s). Scan the title(s) that are being checked out. Print this entry